Hide With Me

In the dying cornfields of his family’s farm, seventeen-year-old
Cade finds a girl broken and bleeding. She has one request: hide me.
Tucked away in an abandoned barn on the edge of the farm, the mysterious Jane Doe starts
to heal and details of her past begin to surface. A foster kid looking for a way out,
Jane got caught up in the wrong crowd and barely escaped with her life.
Cade has a difficult past of his own. He’s been trapped in the border town of Tanner,
Texas, his whole life. His dad is a drunk. His mom is gone. Money is running out.
Cade is focused on one thing, a football scholarship–his only chance.
Cade and Jane spend their nights in the barn planning their escapes, and their days
with Cade’s friends: sweet, artistic Mateo and his determined sister Jojo who
vows to be president one day. But it’s not that easy to disappear.
Just across the border in a city in Mexico lies the life Jane desperately wants to
leave behind–a past filled with drugs and danger, information she never wanted, and a
cartel boss who is watching her every move.
Jane Doe’s past is far from over, and the secret she holds could kill them all.