The History of Anime


You asked for it, and we brought it back to the Teen Center. If you have never experienced anime, and you like animation, then this is the club for you. Each Friday at 2 pm, we will host an anime club online in Google Docs. First, there will be an anime episode for you to watch and then a great discussion with Dawson.  If you want to participate, please email Dawson at When we are back in the library, you may participate online or in the Teen Center. Whatever works for you!

The History of Anime

Anime is a form of Japanese animation and has changed the way eastern animation is created and has had a major affect on western animation as well. Anime has influenced western cartoons such as Steven Universe and Adventure.

Did you know, the first Japanese film was introduced in 1907? It was tilted, Katsudō Shashin, and the original animated series Osamu Tezuka’s: Tetsuwan Atom Astro Boy premiered January 1, 1963. In 1958, the first major animation studio surfaced. That studio became Toei Animation which is responsible for later adapting popular manga into anime such as Dragon Ball (1986), One Piece (1999), Sailor Moon (1992), Digimon (1999), and Astro Boy (1963).

In the 1980’s, anime had reached a high point as it had aired on Japanese television across the country. Certain genres made their start there such as the Shonen, young boy genre, and the Shoujo, young girl genre, which became the most popular. Anime released during that time also had a major influence on the future of anime.  Many concepts and references were based on those established in Dragon Ball, and the entire “magical girl” which took inspiration from Sailor Moon.

A movie credited, as one of the most-influential anime of all time, was Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind which debuted in1984. Since the 1980’s, anime had become Japan’s largest money maker film industry. Anime brought much fame to Japan that holidays have appeared around the animation productions. March 18 is known as Saiyan Day in Japan. This celebration day was created by Dragon Ball fans. Another Dragon Ball themed holiday is Goku Piccolo Day. This holiday was inspired for the original run of the Dragon Ball manga where a villain named Piccolo declared that May 9th be known worldwide as Piccolo Day. However, later that same day, Goku had killed that enemy, and the world knew that day as Goku Day.

The popularity of anime still emerges today. These animation clips are a great experience to watch for any age. Many people around the world are still watching anime and enjoying it as they have since 1907.