A Message from our Director

Greetings from Kay

Happy May Day to all of you.  As they say, April Showers bring May flowers, and the month of May brings beautiful days and flowers to brighten our lives.

Our lives have been in much turmoil with the COVID 19 and all the changes that have become our new normal. Never could we have imagined our lives would take this turn, however we are strong. This will be over and we will look back and think, how did we do it?  Being apart… but together strong.

The library staff miss each and every one of you.  We will be back as soon as possible, with some changes to our services, but we will be there for all of you.  We are in uncharted waters and finding our way to serve our community with service to enhance your lives. We will find a way.

We have not left you. Check out the offerings on the Library website Milford@lib.de.us; Facebook and Instagram…we are there for you with Virtual programming and links to Libby and Hoopla… Read, Listen, Watch! Check us out…

My staff and I will be back soon… we can’t wait… Take care…


We’re all in this together #Stayathome