Free Computer Classes in August

Looking for a Job, trying to connect with others? Computer skills help everyone both during their work or in their day to day life. Luckily for you the Milford Public Library provides classes to learn these skills completely for free.

Tuesday Classes this month start our Information Literacy classes. Want to learn how to get trustworthy information from the internet or at least be able to discern where it is coming from? This is the class for you. This month’s Thursday Class continues us in the beginning of Microsoft Word Office 2016.


Tuesday Classes

Aug 02 – Information Literacy | Formulating a Research Question
Aug 09 – Information Literacy | Making a Plan
Aug 16 – Information Literacy | Effective Internet Searches

Thursday Classes

Aug 04 – Microsoft Word Office 2016 | Bullets ad Alignments
Aug 11 – Microsoft Word Office 2016 | Setting Up a Document