Passport Program (Lion’s Room)

Calling all travelers! Join us on March 24th at 10:30 am for our passport program where you will learn about nine different countries around the world.  Participants will receive a passport and fact-finding notebook based on their age level. There will be a speaker to present artifacts and pictures to give an account of the country from someone who is either from that country or has traveled to that location. A craft will also be available that represents each country. When all nine fact-finding sheets have been completed the participant will receive a free book. The program will run from September to May.

The passport program will be held once a month in the Lion’s room. Participants do not need to be present for each of the nine sessions to complete the program. Fact-finding can be done independently to fill out the fact-finding sheet for each country.

We hope to see you on March 24th as we travel to Australia!

*This program is for children ages 6-12.