Application & Guidelines

Meeting Room Application:

Download the Application PDF

Please fill out and return with a check to guarantee your reservation. You may mail or drop off with payment, or email and mail payment. Any emailed form (request) without payment will not be confirmed until payment is received.

Meeting Room Guidelines:

Printable Meeting Room Guildelines PDF

Lions Club Conference Room; Lions Club Room A; Lions Club Room B;
Bailey Room; Wilmington Trust Room;
(Lions Club A & B count as separate rooms)

Business, Corporations, Political Organizations, Religious Organizations

  • $100.00 for Half-Day (4 Hours)
  • $200.00 for Full-Day (8 hours)

Other non-profit Organizations (with copy of 501C), Government Agencies (Including HOA’s)

  • $50.00 per function

(Equipment supplied by the library)

Lions Club Meeting Room A (Left Side):

  • Capacity 40 people
  • DVD Player, Powerpoint VCA Connection, Screen, Lectern
  • Photos

Lions Club Meeting Room B (Right Side): Capacity 40 people

    • Powerpoint VCA Connection, Screen, Lectern


Bailey Meeting Room:

  • Capacity 12-15 people
  • Powerpoint VCA Connection, Screen, Lectern
  • Photos

Wilmington Trust Meeting Room:

  • Capacity 8-10 people
  • No AV equipment
  • Photos

Wifi is available throughout the building.

Weekly and monthly Meeting applications must be approved by Library Board of Trustees

  • May apply for up to 1 year of 1 meeting per month
  • Applications must be made by 30 day of November each year

Non-Profit, State Agency, Business:

  • May sell to participants of meeting
  • May not advertise to general public

Political Organizations:

  • Announcements of candidacy is allowable
  • No fundraisers

Religious Groups:

  • No weekly meetings etc.

  • No personal use
  • All children must be accompanied by supervising adult
  • No child care activities
  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No taping to walls or furniture

  • Coffee bar in hall may be used for rooms
  • Must provide all needs-equipment, paper products, etc.

Renter is responsible for:

  • Room furnishings returned to original arrangement
  • Coffee bar clean
  • Trash removal (trash bins provided outside, by staff door in West Parking Lot)
  • A fee will be charged if facility is not left in good condition

Across street next to Lifecycle Bike Shop