Toddler Story Bag

Come to the Milford Public Library and pick up your toddler story bag. Each bag will contain 5 books by theme, an activity you can complete at home, and links to music. When you are done with one bag, just return it and pick up your next bag of books! Prizes will be awarded after 10 toddler story bags have been checked out and returned.

Extended activities:

Bag 1- colors      activity     song

Bag 2- transportation    activity      song

Bag 3- oceans      activity      song

Bag 4- alphabet     activity      song

Bag 5- nursery rhymes     activity     song

Bag 6- shapes      activity     song

Bag 7- farm      activity      song

Bag 8- numbers    activity      song

Bag 9- songs      activity      song

Bag 10- Bilingual(Spanish/English)   songs

Bag 11- Winnie the Pooh      activity      song

Bag 12- llama       activity      song

Bag 13- fall      activity       songs

Bag 14- fairy tales      activity      songs

Bag 15- Peppa Pig      activity      song

Bag 16- winter    activity     song